About Me and My Story

My Wife and Me

Hey everyone…my name’s Mikk Sachar and in 2009 my whole life turned upside down when I almost got a divorce from my beautiful wife Denise on the left.  I was desperate to save my marriage and family and I had no idea where to turn at first.  Eventually I started reading marriage counseling books and my wife and I decided to go to marriage counseling.  I was excited and disappointed at the same time.  I never ever imagined I would be going to marriage counseling.  I just always thought I was better than that…you know what I mean??? Well, I wasn’t and I definitely needed some help.  I wasn’t really sure about couples therapy but was excited to go none the less because I thought it could save our marriage.  What I found out about counseling wasn’t very pleasing at first and that’s why I wrote this blog.  You see, there are lots of alternatives to save a marriage and counseling isn’t the best answer for everyone.  However, it really could be for you and that’s what this blog is about.  My thoughts and ideas about does marriage counseling work.  And if not, what does?  You’ll learn all the nitty gritty details here so welcome to this blog and I wish you the best no matter what.  Please read on now!

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