Does Marriage Counseling Work Or Is It a Waste of Time and Money?

Almost everyone facing marriage problems seeks out marriage advice and its completely normal to wonder does marriage counseling work or not.

In fact, in the initial stages it is common to scour the internet for marriage help.  Unfortunately a lot of the information you find is just a bunch of rubbish that may not work specifically for your exact marriage problems.

But be warned because you’ll inevitably land on some forums or blogs where you’ll get marriage advice from other people facing marriage problems.  The advice you find may even seem extremely helpful at first but do not be deceived.

In fact, besides the internet it’s very possible you’ll go out and get your hands on some marriage help books as well.  This may seem like the answer at first but soon enough you’ll discover your marriage problems aren’t getting any better?

What do you do when the marriage help books aren’t working?

It’s usually at this time you’ll start considering professional marriage counseling.  Most everyone you’ve spoken to by this time will have already suggested you go to marriage counseling but perhaps you’re wondering…

Does Marriage Counseling Work or not?

I need to know before I spend all this money on it!

If that’s where you are, then you’ve definitely come to the right blog.  Because over the next few posts I plan on telling you about my personal story with marriage counseling and answering the age old question, does marriage counseling work or not?

To begin, Yes it does but there are a lot of different types of marriage counseling programs out there so it’s crucial to pick the right one.  The ones most people turn to when seeking marriage advice is the traditional marriage counseling of going into a counselors office and spilling the beans on why your spouse sucks.

If you’ve been to one of these sessions, you know what I mean 🙂

However, at times this can be exactly what your marriage problems need but it’s rare.  I’m sure you wouldn’t like going into a place 1 hour a day for 2 or 3 days a week, pay a counselor and then end up leaving after being abused by your spouse.  It’s a terrible scenario but it happens more often than not.

In fact it’s very common to feel the counselor is picking sides.  Truth is, they probably are.  How can they not?  I know they’re supposed to be unbiased but if one spouse is blatantly a terrible person, how on earth can the counselor stay neutral.

The fear of a marriage counselor being biased is a very big concern when dealing with traditional marriage counseling.  I remember clearly feeling the same fear when my wife and I went to a traditional therapist.

It’s right around then I started asking myself the very question you have on your mind right now…

Does Marriage Counseling Work or not?

And that’s exactly what I plan on answering over the next few posts so please read on.  What I reveal to you about marriage counseling may surprise you.  Talk to you soon.


PS.  Want to hear me reveal my defining moment? See the video below.

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